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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Hello, everybody! We have finally returned to work on the mobile version of the program and the first update is ready.

So, the update includes the following improvements and fixes:
the core of application has been updated to the latest version (in accordance with the latest stable version of the desktop version);
a help page with information on how to use the mobile version is added to the menu;
fixed bug with the fact that the bottom panel with styles did not always show;
fixed crash when renaming a cloud project.

More improvements will come later!

P.S. Yes, yes... we remember that in our mobile version there are still problems with keyboard extensions, external keyboards and selecting/copying/pasting text ... Even cat Alexander found a couple of bugs in the iOS version... Therefore, now we will just concentrate on correcting them and bringing the mobile version to the most stable state! Thank you all for the feedback!
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