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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Hello comrades!

The new update of the mobile version KIT Scenarist 1.2.2 arrived!

Fixed problems with the external keyboard (input project name, display panel with styles);
added standard features for working with text (text selection, copy, paste);
the way of scaling the text of the script was changed - now the font size is set in the settings;
now, when exporting to different formats, unused parameters will be hidden;
added the ability to number dialogues in both the script editor and export;
added a button to update the list of projects from the cloud;
fixed problems with the broken geometry of the export tab and menu;
fixed problems with virtual keyboard work on Android;
the appearance of the application has been slightly improved.

In the nearest plans for the mobile version - the implementation of the opportunity to work with reviewer notes.

App Store -
Google Play -

P.S. Apple, as usual, still checking the app, we expect that it will be published today or tomorrow.
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