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Default Re: $300 million deal with Netflix

Thanks for your candid advice. I went into this figuring that you've got to really, really want it and persevere no matter how many doors get slammed in your face.

That's interesting about the current emphasis on innovation and story. Suits me fine--that's exactly what's always gotten me excited as a filmgoer, and now I want to create the type of films I love to see.

I'm only on my second script, but I can feel there's more down inside ready to bubble to the surface.

Was probably naive and premature in this, but I sent the first out to an agent recommended by an acquaintance with a successful writing career. The agent agreed to have a look but after 2 months I sent a polite follow-up email and they hadn't gotten to it yet. Better get used to it I suppose.

Meanwhile I'm finishing up #2 and am considering next steps. Just joined this forum and am trying to learn the rules of the game. Sounds like rule #1 is don't quit.
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