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Default Re: $300 million deal with Netflix Attn: Ed or ...

Originally Posted by socalwriter1 View Post
Re: Films that stop saving the cat.

I believe this refers to Blake S.'s premise that the hero does something nice to get the audience to like him/her.

So you want the hero to do something bad to get the audience to like him/her? Just kidding. Ed or anyone, pls clarify/elaborate re: that statement..

It was a reference to the whole book. I hate that book with a fiery passion. Paint by number scripts are just that. No life. No spontaneity. Plus, no I don't think every film has to have the hero doing something nice so the audience will like him/her. If you write your characters well in a good story you don't need to shoehorn some moment in. Write a great story and you don't have to worry about what goes where.
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