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Default Re: $300 million deal with Netflix

Personally, I like "Save the Cat" and find his beat sheet a good thing to consider from time to time when working out a beat sheet or outline for a new project. It can be a nice stepping off point. Different strokes for different folks, right?

The idea behind "Save the Cat" isn't to do something "nice" but rather to reveal something in your character that we, the audience, can identify with. When done well it can create an amazing character conflict where we love and despise them at the same time.

It's about humanizing your character. About providing an access point into your character where the audience can get on board with your character's motivation even if they don't like them or what they're doing.

And when done well, it works...

Hannibal Lector...

'nuf said.

My opinions are just that-- opinions.
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