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Originally Posted by docgonzo View Post
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but why is anyone bothering to wait on this? It's dead, and has been a long time. Just forget it and move on.
I agree. For those who do have hope, think of it as a waiting game just like any other submission you make. Days turn into weeks turn into months.

My database has an automatic day counter to keep track, but I've learned to stop waiting after Day 1, and I move right on to new opportunities.

I've even stopped doing follow-ups; honestly, why bother?

This approach helps me to keep my eye on the ball: Writing, marketing, polishing, and repeat. Meanwhile, if I get a pleasant surprise from a past submission, great!

Speaking of Amazon Studios, I think a lot of us had probably become pretty dependent on it. I don't think I was alone in this dependency, and I realized the problem when I analyzed my marketing database recently. Since I track who the "last reader" is of each script, and because I had sent almost everything I'd written to A.S., their indicators polluted my data.

It's because, among similar sites, A.S. was actually "open submission", which is nowhere near the same as getting a "requested read" through the hard work of marketing/pitching/whatever.

Yet, in my database, all entries in the "Last Read" column were considered equal.

I had to fix that, so just two weeks ago I cleaned up my data to remove all A.S. references under each script record's "Last Read" column.

Well, the results were pretty depressing:

Some of my better scripts haven't actually received a genuine "read request" in years, despite the fact that I pitch everything constantly, even my golden oldies. It was a real eye opener to see which scripts had been "requested", without three quarters of them showing "Amazon Studios" (with dates from 2014-2018).

It was just another reminder of how hard it is to "get a read" these days.

Incidentally, in this column I do not count synopsis or first-10-pages requests, or any other sort of "open submission" system including contests or those few rep and producer websites out there that actually invite submissions, like A.S. did.

Yep, to get a "true picture" of where your marketing efforts stand, you have to be brutal.

I'm making changes as we speak, that's for sure.
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