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Default Re: producer looking for do scripts

Having slept on it I guess I should, and do apologize to those of you who "could have helped" but didn't because of your ethics. I do respect that and wouldn't want anyone to comproise what they feel is right or wrong. So please accept my apology.

I guess it was just the info money thing that bothered me the most, as our society is getting more me, me, me. I'll probably drop down the 40 bucks here soon and join the club just as I did for my new HCD from Amazon a few weeks ago. After all money is just paper with numbers printed on it. And I can always deduct it from our pizza delivery guy's tip. (JK)

But I guess when you've been writing for a very long time and you see a lead that is so promising waiting for you on the otherside of the door, you sometimes try to get that door open somehow whether it locked or just jammed.

In any case, I am thankful for all the fellow screenwriters that I have met from all this nonsense. Again my apologies to all!

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