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Default Re: Different managers for different projects?

no. not cool. not ethical.

you could have a situation where a manager is interested in you because you write genre films, sci-fi action thrillers and they want to read a sample of that work. they may not be interested in your high concept rom-com.

i'm facing this right now, i have a manager reading an action script which is my go to genre, but i'm developing my rom-com with a producer to get it ready to submit to a studio.

If i sign with a manager before optioning the rom-com, i will be obligated to pay that manager 10% for that deal regardless of whether he was influential in its sale or not.

The only exception would be if you came to an agreement to exclude that project before signing.

No manager is going to accept only part of your work. Managers spend a huge amount of time developing writers and it would not be cost effective for them to devote all that time for you to give it to another manager.

Managers rep different writers that write in different genres. they may prefer you "pick a lane" to start, so you can get a reputation for a "genre," but they are perfectly capable of selling any other genre.

It doesn't serve a manager well to have all of his clients write in the same genre because then their own clients will cannibalize off each other. It's better for them to have writers that write various genres so his/their client can "steal" the job from another manager and not have to sacrifice one of his clients that might be competing for the same assignment, if you know what i mean.

hope that helps. these are my own opinions.
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