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My theory is there must be a BIT of a self-fulfilling prophecy happening here.

The peak TV bubble has gobbled up so much of the money and talent. Features only care about IP, everyone says, and they're making fewer and fewer films, so best do TV.

But won't the natural result be... talented people spend much less time writing spec scripts? So studios see even less opportunities, and buy less scripts?

Nobody can predict the future, except you kind of can: comic book movies can't last forever. Because nothing does last forever. Maybe, just maybe, now is the time to be writing original features that have franchise potential, while the space has been mostly abandoned by A-list talent.

I'm only 32, and I've lived through Burton's Batman, Schumacher's Batman, Nolan's Batman reboot, Synder's Batman's reboot, and now Reeves' Batman reboot is due out next year. Maybe there will be Batman reboots until the day I die, but they can't do this with EVERY property. Unless writers don't try. At the end of the day, new ideas will only come from writers, so it's on us to take on the risk, even when it seems like the market doesn't exist.
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