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Default Finding a good Line Producer

Putting together my first feature (although I am a 10 year TV vet). Everything is done, along with a business plan, also have a tentative budget and schedule, website, marketing collateral, etc. I have a known actor currently reading the script. Going to AFM in November to network and talk with sales agents to find out what kind of package I will need to assemble to justify my budget, in order to get presales, to start the financing wagon moving forward.

My next order of business is to find a strong Line Producer to help move things forward. Since I already have the initial budget and schedule, guess I am looking to go to the next level and get the wheels rolling, explore the most beneficial tax-incentive state to shoot in, etc. I know an LP is the foundation of an indie feature and top on my priority list. So, anyone know a good avenue to find an experienced line producer?

Of course the conundrum is Iím still in the pre-finance/packaging stage, so it would be a deferred or low pay kinda thing until progress is made. Iím hesitant to post on a job website for that reason. And of course craigslist is out of the question.
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