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Default Re: Finding a good Line Producer

You can get a bankable actor to work for guild minimums, a producer and a director to work for deferred pay, but good luck trying to find an experienced line producer to lower their fee unless you have a strong working relationship with them, and they trust you with their life. Unless of course they're desperate and you're lucky enough to be there when they're at their desperatest.

If you're going to hit the film markets, try to get an established indie producer attached. You'll meet plenty. You're already doing a lot of the work of the producer, but an established feature film producer will know several line producers that might do a script breakdown for you, if not for differed payment and a blood oath to hire them at their full fee once you get the funding, then maybe for a "reasonable" price.

Also, a decent indie producer will have a wealth of knowledge on tax incentives (which aren't as incentivie these days), foreign sales (hit and miss), and all sorts of other alternative funding options where the rules will have changed by the time I hit the "post quick reply" button. That's where you should start. Once they're confident with the route you're going to take, they'll hire a casting director to see which actors they can get that are hot enough in the foreign markets to justify your budget. Do not attach an actor without consulting these two individuals.

Btw, who did your budget and schedule? Usually that's the job of the Line Producer. Or a 1st AD if they're your friend and you promised them something.
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