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Default Adaptations you would like to write

Assassin's Creed flopped like so many video game adaptations before it and I'm sure it won't be the last. With Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid on the horizon I find myself conflicted. These are games that I love but these ones specifically are so cinematic that a film is not only pointless but loses something in the transition. A case could be made for using films to draw eyes to the original games but I suffered through the Max Payne film.

I think other games can benefit from adaptation though due to exposure and actual benefits that a film would have over the game. With that in mind what games would you personally like to adapt and why?

For me I think there are astounding films to be made out of To the Moon, Hotline Miami and Monkey Island. The fact that none of these exist let alone even thought of by the powers that be beggars belief. You could print money with a Monkey Island film.

Others lend themselves to TV. Expanding Mass Effect into a long running series is a no brainer. Mortal Kombat has such a rich mythology that deserves to be explored in a big budget series. Both of those would be huge hits if given the proper care.

And finally I'd love the Zero Escape series as an anime.
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