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Originally Posted by Strangerthanfiction View Post
I am a she, not a he...
And with that, I have the strong urge to watch the movie tonight, that's depicted in your avatar!

There are a couple of tight close-ups like that one, in Hitch's great movie, and what I enjoy is Herrmann's score that goes along with those scenes.

So Janet Leigh is just leaving one her 'near captures', right?

And the score goes BUMP...BUMP...BUMP-BUMP...BUMP-bump-BUMP-bump-BUMP-bump-BUMP-bump. Best ever!

I always figured it was simulating her heartbeat, and while ole' Janet looks as cool as a cucumber as she drives away, at most a knitted brow or bite of the lip, the score is actually telling the audience that the poor lady's nearly had a coronary! (Subtext alert... she's gonna have said coronary in about 20 minutes' of screentime...)

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