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Default Re: Imagine Impact Using AI to Select Candidates...

Friday -- I thought about that, the fact they can just reach out and create a lab using people they find through their contacts.

Unfortunately, I've become really cynical since 2016 and it occurred to me that the open application thing with this lab may be mostly a sham. Imagine (hahaha) you want people to know about your lab, publicize your lab, talk about your lab, want to get into your lab, etc.

What's the cheapest way of advertising it?

Have a "free" open application period. Let people talk it up on Twitter and Reddit, like they actually have a chance. Meanwhile, you've already got an idea of who you want for your lab and you make it seem totally based on merit by picking a couple candidates from the slush.

And I don't think they're using real AI. Many types of AI require a large training corpus to train a statistical engine. That would require reading at least the first bunch of applications and tagging them with a bunch of categories. It's really time consuming. No, I think they're probably using rule-based processing, which is just a fancy name for 'text searching.'

I've almost submitted twice, but at the last minute I held back because I didn't think my application was strong enough, or my video.
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