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Default Re: How important is voice in screenwriting?

Originally Posted by Joaneasley View Post
Very nice, sciii
Thanks. After I posted, I thought about the "rules" sheets that freshman year teacher handed out.

Venn diagrams that turned simple common sense relationships between ideas into a confusing mess -- at least to me.

How to write a thesis statement -- a ruling that only allowed students to come down on one side of the pro-con arguments presented in the source material she had to use. No alternate point of view. No use of other sources -- this was forbidden and made no sense to me. Why squash a kid taking the initiative to find other sources?

A list of a dozen-plus stilted transition words and phrases that she "must" use: on the other hand, conversely, moreover, furthermore. In a five-paragraph essay these stuck out like a sore thumb. I had to show her examples of perfectly acceptable transitions that used nothing on the list.

Worst of all, the list of rubrics used for standardized testing. She had to use the rubrics as a guide when writing. If someone had handed me that sheet when I was her age my eyes would have glazed over.

Combined, the above left little room for creativity or any true critical thinking. And when I think about it-- it was all eerily similar to the screenwriting gurus always/never rules.
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