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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
can i just say 3 words...

not ****ing easy.

first draft, 7 pages. **** me.

work out then edit the **** out of it.

i'm thinking one sentence for each paragraph. ugh
It'll get easier, the more you do. I'm kind of surprised you haven't been asked previously, or far more often, such that an experienced writer such as yourself is just now going through this agony! But it's really worth looking at your script in this condensed way, and think of it as another marketing opportunity for your work. That makes it a bit more fun.

Mine start out as at least 5 pages, and about half over the past few years are finishing up at 3 pages (and that's with some big header/footer infos, including the logline, etc.).

Here's a sample I have off my website. This was for a 9-page short, but still, you get the whole story, and you see the fancy format (which is the same for all my synopses):

Synopsis for "Toaster!"
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