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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

> just under 4 pages

Again, my observations seem to be a bit too much outside-the-box for some here, but when I've been asked for a 1-2 page synopsis, and I've sent my 3-4 pagers, I've never heard a complaint.

Now, in the rare occasion when they've asked for "two paragraph" synopsis, or max one page synopsis, and all I have is a 3-4 pager, I do up another one. It always pales in comparison to the longer ones, but the shorter ones are easy to do since all I have to do is edit the one I have.

For one script, I have three synopses: 1/2 page, 1 page (has 1/4" margins all around!), and the 4 pager.

But if they don't specify length, or if they say "up to 2", well, I send 'em the one I have. Never any complaints or requests to resubmit.
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