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Default Re: WCA Agreement gone wrong....

Originally Posted by TigerFang View Post
You say that Collaborator C1 is all about contracts and NDAs. Why not have an entertainment attorney draw up a document for you and Collaborator C2 that rescinds his involvement so that the project is free and clear for you and Collaborator C2?

If the futility of his actions is laid out for him either in a registered letter that accompanies the contract or in the contract itself that the project is dead in the water without consent from all three participants, he could be swayed to give over all of his rights and obligations to the project. It could be worth the effort.
Thank you for the tip.

That is something I had wondered about however I seriously doubt he will be swayed to do anything. He's all about getting his way.

I don't know if I can afford an Entertainment Lawyer at the moment. So I'm willing to sit on it for now until my situation changes where I can settle this.

I'm a screenwriter, he's not. I can wait it out while working on other projects.
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