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Default Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk

thanks, guys.

it's a franchise piece, written with an eye to a trilogy. has a killer (haha) twist ending.

not opposed to no fee short term shopping agreement-- it was pitched to SonyTV who considered it, entire TV staff read it and met about it. the exec really liked it. at the time there were a couple of shows [serial killer] that were cancelled that same week and they had something similar in the works.

i do have it in with a manager that a friend was kind enough to refer me to, but she's on vaca for a couple of weeks and hasn't read it yet.

it's a few years old, that's true, but it's still set in the near future. we haven't caught up to the tech. and not a lot of exposure. it is original IP.

my goal is to be repped. to pitch projects. to develop material. get **** made. i am interested in anything that leads to that end.
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