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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by UnequalProductions View Post
You're right. I apologize. You were just saying that it's more hip to hire female writers, and that's the bias that's letting them get ahead instead of you. Gotcha.
You know it's a real shame that your default is to engage in stereotypically bullshit internet behavior. I already told you that you are misunderstanding what I said. So, not knowing anything about me, you can ignore that I've told you that you are misinterpreting my statement and project your ridiculous assumptions on to me (I am a bitter screenwriter claiming that women are hired because of their looks and so my genius is ignored--wrong on all counts)) or you can do the human thing and ask for clarification.

I will be happy to provide that if you want to have a real conversation, if not then you can go **** yourself.
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