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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by omjs View Post
Maybe you could provide the clarification yourself in order to support the claim of being misunderstood? I'm certainly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but that probably would have helped you out a lot quicker. Because as-is, I read your comment pretty much the same way.
Here's the thing--I don't need to justify or explain a comment when I make it, only when I am engaged in a discussion with someone asking reasonable questions indicating a desire to have a substantive conversation, which is not what UnequalProductions did or is doing.

Rather than that, UP immediately jumped to a bunch of assumptions, which by the way UP is still doing, assuming that I am a writer, which I am not.

Lazy thinking and bullshit internet message board snark is a waste of time.

If you had a question about what I said and care enough about the subject, then feel free to ask a real question. Or don't.
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