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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by UnequalProductions View Post
Well, I still think there's a valuable argument to be had here. We had a thread about a female writer, and it barely got to the second page before someone felt the need to comment on the physical appearance of women in screenwriting.

Do you think if someone posted an interview with John August, that there would have been a comment about whether or not there was a bias toward good looking male writers?
No, but there may well have been an argument about his race, his ethnicity (appearance), or his parentage. He comes from a privileged class. He has a leg up from the start, it's not offensive to discuss that. It's no different.

You're still being snarky. Somehow I "felt the need" to comment on appearance. Same thing from you, you should try and recognize it.

I commented on appearance because we were talking about someone who was being presented by the media in a fashion generated in part by her appearance which was in part generated by her stripper backstory. Just go back and read the press on her and try and tell me I'm off.
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