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Originally Posted by Darthclaw13 View Post
I actually got a chance to see this one today. And what I am going to say next pretty much sums it up... The Lion King.

The story is basically the Lion King retold with some bad gumby style cgi.
The Lion King was just Hamlet with safari animals, so it's hard to say exactly which story Black Panther was ultimately derivative of (and all stories are derivative).

all in all it was pretty great. doesn't really transcend the comic book genre -- still hits all the usual beats of a Marvel movie -- in the way i was fully hoping. but it's super fun getting to the obligatory final CGI showdowns. and has something more to say about things like colonialization and cultural appropriation than any run-of-the-mill action tentpole.

and the female characters in particular are awesome. funny but totally badass.

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