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Default Re: Effect of the Coronavirus

There are so many shows that are taking a break. How are these people getting paid? Is it sick leave? Two weeks might be manageable, but longer delays could be pretty devastating, right?

I can't believe the GOP blocked that emergency paid sick leave the other day. Some people have two or more part time jobs and still no health insurance-- and where are the ****ing tests? POTUS tells the world every thing is going smoothly and the medical profession is saying millions would be infected?

Honestly, when Ted Cruz self-quarantined I thought it was a publicity stunt.

Knowing that POTUS has been closely related to exposure and is NOT being tested is outrageous, as he walks around shaking everyone's hands saying, it's going to blow itself out in a week.

Some schools are shutting down on Monday here in Connecticut for two weeks. Toilet paper is gone. People seem to be calm, but there is an underlying tension that's building.

Do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe, and you'll in turn help to keep other people safe, too.

What might happen, is a total panic when the tests are processed and the numbers explode. That's when fear will be impacting people's judgement. Right now, there are people walking around with COVID-19 infecting other people.

And look at the market? What a crazy week.

On the good side of news, New Rochelle has a "drive thru" testing facility. And I think they're voting on another bill today-- we'll see.
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