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Originally Posted by Done Deal Pro View Post
It's a little bit of personal taste and some may be put off by this but I'd say this in order, IF the phone carrier will even allow it:

818 (I'm pretty sure a decent number of writers who live in the valley have this area code)

No one is really going to care too much. Many folks out here have area codes from all over the country since in this day and age, most people are using their cell phone only and then dip in & out of LA as their lives change. I've seen call sheets with all sorts of area codes on them. Pretty much everyone has free long distancing call so no one blinks an eye.

As long as any resume you send in notes you have an LA address and live here, it shouldn't be problem.

The last time I picked up a new number and this was for DDP some years back, I could only get a 424 area code. It's an overlay for 310.

All the best with getting the number you want.
Yes, AT&T will allow you to select your area code.

When job hunting in a different industry (CPG) for a day job, it might matter more than the "entertainment industry." Who knows. I have an opportunity and will need to change my number for privacy reasons, so I thought why not?

Thanks for the advice, Will.
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