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Originally Posted by Friday View Post
310. Maybe 818 because that's Burbank. Certain area codes I don't even bother picking up.
Thanks, Friday.

I know the COVID-19 stuff is causing a lot of anxiety in you, but I thought of you tonight and thought this might brighten up you mood a bit, because honestly I feel the anxiety too.

I'm in Avon, Connecticut and we're been sheltering in place for our third week. There's lots of room here between houses, usually 1/2 to over an acre. Lots of bears, fox, racoon and deer just wondering in y our yard.

To show their respect for the first responders and law enforcement officers each night at 8pm everyone goes outside to their front yard and cheers for them, their bravery and their sacrifice.

But tonight, they had fireworks!!

I think I'm feelin' 310

It was amazing and uplifting and really inspiring. I hope you are doing better .and if you ever need an ear, shoot me a note. Happy Easter or Passover or whatever you wish to celebrate and be thankful for this week.
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