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Default Re: The Hunt (Cancelled!)

I can't stand the NRA but that doesn't make your statement that law changes would change mass murder rates. The guns would still be bought, illegally, there would then be more violence wrapped around the illegal gun trade.

i.e. making opiates illegal has done nothing to keep the US use rate among the worlds highest.

Comparing any Japanese crime stat to a US stat is ridiculous. Virtually every crime category the US exceeds Japan on a 5 to 1 or worse rate. Japan is a homogeneous society with cultural values that cause it's citizens not to partake in the same type of rampant disregard for one another that is rife in the most diverse freedom loving country in the world.

Everyone in America thinks they should have it all and that someone else is keeping it from them. Hence psychos go out an do crazy crap to those they feel define that. You just don't have the same mix in Japan or Sweden, or Switzerland. In addition you have a country (us) based on a many ethnic groups having been screwed over in the past and now we are dealing with that dichotomy.

My question about pistols is simply this. You want certain "assault" weapons banned, I assume. As a former Marine I chuckle at an AR 15 being defined as an assault rifle, however, what law would you pass that would stop someone from using a pistol, or two, to commit mass murder? There is none, so stop kidding yourself that that will fix it. Every mass murderer was willing to break the law so having laws to stop them is moot.

I wouldn't want to live in a country where every state had to run it's laws the same as everyone else. Look at the train wreck that Illinois and California have become and imagine if that was imposed on everyone. No thanks.

And last but not least are you in favor of decriminalization of illegal immigration and more open borders? Just curious because you scoffed at my point that gun control is generally a left leaning political issue, as is open borders. That's just a fact.
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