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Default Budget Breakdown Samples?

I have a very... unusual question for the forum. I am meeting with a very interested potential investor next week (March 20) and am preparing my basic proposal. But I found out they want at least a rudimentary budget break down. I'm planning on hiring the line producers etc. for all that, but everything is a guess for me at this point. I can't find any samples anywhere and I could use anything, even statistical information for a film in the 20 to 35 million range with bankable actors. So far I've had people comment that the screen play is along the lines of Four Weddings and a Funeral, My Best Friends Wedding and Notting Hill (I tell you that so you know it's not a special f/x driven sci-fi movies or the like).
I know they aren't looking for a detailed breakdown and they know it will all be in a state of flux, they just want an idea where the money goes(obviously independant investors first time movie). I don't know a producer or line producer that I could spring this on, so if anyone has some figures even in the ball park, or even in the city with a ball park I'd appreciate it!


PS I know what you all are thinking... I'm just too stupid to know that it can't be done.
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