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Default Re: Opinion Needed About Querying Managers at the Same Company


Query away...

I'm a little confused tho, these are the same scripts the other manager already read?

Whatever. Query...

Send to other managers, NOW, while you can mention Nicholl. Don't wait months. Likewise, I believe most managers are essentially solo, whereas getting signed by CAA is done by committee, literally (I've mentioned this story before: Ex wanted to sign Chris Nolan off the Memento script. She and her colleague were down to rep him. No support from the rest of the agency. Ultimately HAD to pass on him.)

POINT: Every rep's taste is different. I'm positive there are reps that look at other rep's clients [in the same shop] like "Meh... I don't get why you rep them. I think MY clients are more talented. I'd never rep them, but do you." The other rep feels like "I feel the same about your clients, they're pretty good, but I like my roster more."

That's not a convo anyone would have, but that's what they're thinking. So, yeah, query different people at the same shop. Just make sure they're RIGHT for your material. When they get annoyed is when they know you didn't research their taste. "Dude... I'm known for horror/action... why you querying me about a Rom/Com? You just picked my name out of a hat."
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