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Originally Posted by Bono View Post
I think they say a good baseball manager wins a team 10 games a year... so I wonder how often a good rep sells a spec of unknown writer?

As in, would the same spec that sold with Manager X sell with Manager Y if it's same time and place and no notes given?

Is the rep the thing at all or just getting credit for great work and great timing on buyers parts.
Tough question IMO.

I used to think I knew what I was talking about. Not any more. So ignore my comments, generally.

But, I will say this, I was instrumental in making one of the biggest book to film deals in Hollywood. Oscar/Globe nom for best pic. I've been on the other side of the desk, is my only point (not trying to grandstand). All I can say is, it was a hard deal to make. One of the most stressful days of my life (although, note I said "one day." Being a writer is FAR harder! WAY!). I don't think pedigree mattered to FOX whatsoever. I don't think it helped us make the deal. I think the only thing that helped us was me being a "d!ck" and refusing to take a crap deal for the writer, because MY GOD there were many people trying to *make* us take a crap deal. WHAT?? Thats the weird part of a huge deal, more incoming calls demanding you take the sh!tty deal in favor of everyone but the writer (WHAT!??). It's fukkin weird. That's what's happening behind closed doors with these mega deals with huge writers. I couldn't believe the pressure on us to take a sh!t deal and sell out the client. I will never trust certain people in the industry based on that deal.

Again... nearly 4 million vs 300k. I protected the writer, I'm proud of that. Literally, I was about to be homeless and I said "NO" to a bad deal. I risked everything so that this writer would not get screwed because I knew what it was worth. And I was right.

Btw... The writer does not know this story. I wish I could tell them what really went down behind their back. They are a huge writer and have no idea how many people where against them during this deal. This industry is bizarre.

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