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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by Eric Boellner View Post
Because there's no topic here. The last 7 pages have been an argument over a miscommunication. The only possible topic to debate is whether women face a negative bias in this industry, and every other for that matter. That feels like a non-argument to me, so I don't feel the need to offer an opinion on it.

In response to the rest of your post, there's really not much I can say. Most of us here are strong-headed, myself very much so. I don't think anyone was wrong in this thread, so much as I think there was a miscommunication/misunderstanding, and when it created the appearance of two "sides," everyone dug in their heels for the fight. If this were a comedy, it'd be a good one.
What's funny here is that you had nothing to say on the topic but jumped in to argue about intentions and interpretation for seven pages as per your statement above.
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