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Default Re: Posting Scripts On A Personal Website

Originally Posted by Mpimentel View Post
K, so I saw this on a screenwriters personal page today and thought it was cool.

The way she did it was, she used her website as a resume basically, listed all her scripts/work she had done, but only had samples of each one of them...

I thought that was cool, that way when you are pitching a new script, at the bottom of your query E-mail you can always post your website and let any managers/producers check out some of your other work should they be interested in what you already sent them.

It basically says "look, I'm not a one trick pony".

I would not post your whole scripts, just a synopsis and a few page sample for each. It won't help you get "discovered" on its own, but it can help a manager/producer sway one way if he sees you have various works under your belt.
Yeah, this is a really good idea. I ended up doing something similar to this, which you can see here ( The old stuff is posted in its entirety, but I just put up the first 10 pages of the only recent script that's there. It's for a TV pilot that I wrote in 2009, had optioned in 2010 and recently did a major revision on.

Open to any thoughts or ideas on the site.
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