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Default Re: Does this mean anything?

Depending on the email app/program they use, there could be all sorts of reasons they're viewing an email multiple times. It could have an unclear subject line (or the program could be pushing the unique part off the screen), so they're opening it while looking for something else. They could be absent-minded and going "What was that again?" Or it could be like my Outlook client, which marks emails as read every time I do something that would make them open in the preview panel (which happens often by accident while I'm scrolling). Maybe it's an assistant browsing through. Maybe they just decided to practice zero inbox and they're moving emails around. It's hard to say.

Honestly, one of the reasons I've never liked read receipts or email tracking is because it doesn't tell you much. What will you really do differently if it turns out someone hasn't opened your email? What does it matter if they've opened more than once if they still pass? It just seems like one more thing to obsess over.
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