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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
Also the way movies are made, it's Tom Cruise in sequel to hit movie.. they greenlight that **** before a script.

But say it's my comedy spec, I'm sure my rep it once... and maybe the agent read it... and you hope producer read it... but when they send it out to the buyers, you feel that it's really up to the lower level people's ability to keep pitching it up the chain of command right? I assume that's how it works behind the scenes. Things move quickly. Do you want to buy this hot spec -- what's it about? And they pitch...

I could be wrong. Talking out of my fat ass. But I never assume it's all just based on the words on the page.
Yeah, pretty nutz hearing Chris McQuarrie talk about M.I. and how it's already shooting, yet they don't have the 3rd act yet, or whatever. WTF? WOW! Can't even get away with that on a 1 mil comedy.

I honestly have no clue who's ACTUALLY reading these days, so for my sanity, I'ma just assume NOBODY. I'ma assume the intern did coverage and their assistants are passing on us.

Side note: Man, I think I seriously may be in the wrong gig (writing). Today I had an idea to contact someone high up in the publishing world about a specific something. I call their main line and ask to be put through to _____. The receptionist says "I'm sorry I can't put you through unsolicited, nor give you their contact info." I said "The reason I'm calling is _____." Receptionist "Oh... uhhh... lemme see if ____ is available." Receptionist hops back on the line "____ isn't available, but I can put your through to their voicemail." "Okay, great, thank you."

I leave a message for _____. 30 minutes later _____ calls me back. We then chat for... ehhh... 20 minutes? _____ is very nice. We even go into personal stuff for a bit. She suggests I email her. I do. 20 minutes later she responds to the email.

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