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Default Re: Your Favorite Video Game, Story-Wise (and why)

Max Payne 1 for the stylish noir dialogue.

Snow was falling like ashes from post-apocalyptic skies, but that was outside. Things would soon get hot in the Don's restaurant.

I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

He was trying to buy more sand for his hour glass. I wasn't selling any.

Turn around, walk away, blow town. That would have been the smart thing to do. I guess I wasn't that smart.

He had a baseball bat and I was tied to a chair. Pissing him off was the smart thing to do.

Punchinello was burning to get me. The feeling was mutual. He was trying to put out my flames with gasoline.

Collecting evidence had gotten old a few hundred bullets back. I was already so far past the point of no return I couldn't even remember what it looked like when I had passed it.

After Y2K, the end of the world had become a cliché. But who was I to talk, a brooding underdog avenger alone against an empire of evil, out to right a grave injustice? Everything was subjective. There were only personal apocalypses. Nothing is a cliché when it's happening to you.

It wasn't about how smart or how good you were. It was chaos and luck, and anyone who thought different was a fool.

Vlad was one of those old time bad guys with honor and morals, which almost made him one of the good guys. None of us was a saint.


I also love Silent Hill 2's story...a man gets a letter from his wife saying she is waiting for him in Silent Hill, in their special place. Only problem is, she died several years earlier. Protagonist goes to find her and is forced to confront his inner demons and the truth behind what happened with his wife. Great character study with lots of metaphors and symbology.
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