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Originally Posted by haroldhecuba View Post
All kinds of things could've been used to explain why the eagles weren't used, but the fact is that Tolkien probably didn't think of it until it was already published, and then he had that V8 moment. Little did he realize that the hippies and beatniks that made Lord of the Rings such a huge publishing sensation didn't care either. Or, if they did, they just smoked the doobie, dropped some acid, and discussed it for three days.
Thing is, Tolkein didn't leave *anything* to chance. He spent weeks getting the moon in the right place in the sky for on the right nights for everyone, scattered all over Middle Earth -- and, of course, he wrote several full languages for the various creatures. Apparently Tolkein -- as a boy -- had written several languages, but his parents threw that "rubbish" out when he moved from South Africa to England. If the Eagles could have taken on Sauron directly, that wouldn't say much about Sauron's power, would it?
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