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Originally Posted by Steven Jenkins View Post
My plot is about getting a mem-stick with vitally important data on it to a particular person & place.

My flaw is that this data could feasibly be uploaded to the person via the internet, or the mem-stick posted in the mail, which kinda undermines my hero's hazardous trek across the country.
lets stop there. 'posted in the mail?' and what's a mem-stick? you mean a flash drive.

If something is of importance to the protagonist, then(inciting incident) they act.
-just give him a reason to need to see the whole task through. like the data will help save his son from a fatal illness

I'm covering this flaw by exposing that the mem-stick is hardware protected, so if it's inserted into a standard USB port the data gets fried
hardware protected? hmm... like this device with will self destruct in 10 seconds... like Mission Impossible? That's like nineteen fiftys logic, where the flash drive would begin smoking.

They have software encyiption programs. Download WinRAR and zip any file on your computer password protect it.... encryption software can render data irrecoverable

and if it's posted in the mail it could get intercepted by the authrities who are hunting for the mem-stick.
just give him a reason not to trust them. An action scequence.
-A guy in Brown short tries to kill them, now there is no option but to take the device personally

PS: no one would believe that a hobbit would bu tt fvck Gandolf
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