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Originally Posted by instant_karma View Post
I'm not saying this out of disrespect to the OP (and I'm in no position to anyway, having never written anything noteworthy), but he seemed quite confused about some basic terminology.
Beyond terminology, the OP seems to have designed a plot with little drive for the main character, since he felt that splitting up the protag and the MC was okay.

That's my quibble with the Dramatica Theory Of Script Deconstruction - used descriptively, whatever. Call a plot a soundtrack. Who cares?

But when people try to use it prescriptively, it's a mess. From everything I've read and seen, you're forced into artificial decisions so that the script fits into the paradigm. If Shawshank had actually been written with the method, and care had been taken to keep from emotionally connecting with Andy, and instead connecting with Red... Well, we wouldn't be talking about that movie today.
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