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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Hey, people!

Who wanna a fresh update!?

Currently, we are moving for improvement and fixing of detected errors, so here's a list of changes of the new version:
improved rendering of the script editor (fixed various errors in which the script editor moved outside the visible area);
improved the responsiveness of the script editor to scale and resize;
when previewing documents, if possible, the app restore the last position where the document was scrolled;
fixed the problem with spontaneous resizing of the window when opening or hiding the search bar;
fixed the problem with restoring the size of the app window when opened;
fixed the bug with moving scene description from current scene to new added;
fixed the problem with displaying review notes for cloud projects;
fixed the problem with the renaming of cloud projects in some cases;
now when you open the comment adding dialog, the focus is immediately set in the input field;
the way of interaction with the list of projects is slightly improved;
fixed the problem with the size of the cards of the folder which was ungrouped;
the correct operation of the shortcut Shift + Delete is restored;
in the script editor near the scenes, their main colors are now displayed, if any, for the scene;
blocked the missed opportunity to change projects for cloud project commentators;
added import of FDXT files;
improved the work of spelling dictionaries - the names of characters are now not underlined in red, fixed the problem with adding words to the user dictionary;
spelling dictionaries for Portuguese and Swedish are added.

Now the candidate is even closer to the release, but we do not finish it - if you know any other problems in the program, please report them!

In addition, we have two more news:
1. The site has a price section. You can find it by clicking on this link - If there are still any questions, then ask, I will respond to you and at the same time replenish the information on the page.
2. Now news on the site can be commented (for this you can click on the appropriate link under the text of the news on the site)! Soon I plan to launch the development of help to the program in a new way. It will be something like wiki pages. And I also want to make a centralized forum on the site where you could discuss the future of the program, share your recipes and ask questions.

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