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Default Re: My third Blacklist review...

I haven't used the Black List before and obviously don't have access to all your notes.

That said it almost looks like that third one "might" be a skimmed review. What I mean is they might have read the first 10 or so pages, thought Zodiac/Gone Baby Gone, then skimmed the rest looking for visual queues of action scenes, dialogue scenes, etc. and just took note of where they occurred, assumed the in between and then provided the review.

I'm not saying that's what happened, but is there any direct feedback from the middle or end of your screenplay that denotes knowledge of your plots or character arcs, etc? Like a "I didn't find the Protag being this way at the beginning and then evolving through this experience, this action, etc. and becoming this other way at the end believable".

Again, I've not used Black List so not sure how they protect against skimmed reviews etc. so I may be completely off the mark.
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