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Default Re: Opinions on idea of sending script to a top production company

Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
if you don't think it's wrong, or deceptive, then why deliberately hide the fact that you received the request 10 years ago. why are you sending it "mail" instead of email?
It's not really about "hiding," or being "deceptive." It's a strategy to get past their strict policy of NO QUERY LETTERS and to make the office assistants aware that their boss had shown interest in this concept and requested the script.

Now if they have a record that this request was made years ago, this may, or may not irk them. Maybe they would understand the difficulty it is for a writer to get his screenplay in front of the eyes of industry people and they would like my gumption for using a past request and submission agreement. Like I said, they gave no deadline to send, so technically…

After all, I was invited to send, but this all may be moot if Di Novi made a new partnership and formed another production company. I'll have to look into this.

Thanks, finalact4, for giving me your honest opinion on this idea of mine.
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