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Sociopaths are characterized by their greed and lack of empathy for others. If Hitler had lacked empathy he wouldn't have done all the good he did for Germans in the 1930s. Sociopathic leaders don't, for example, end unemployment, build highways, ensure their people have affordable transportation, restructure an outdated military, or oversee an aesthetic overhaul of their country. Instead they steal the country's wealth, live in palaces eating and fornicating all day, and either let everything go to crap or turn the country into a prison camp like the USSR.

If you want to interpret this as "defending Nazis" or whatever, fine. To me it's simply a question of historical objectivity. Never forget that for decades, maybe even a century after his reign and eventual downfall, Napoleon Bonaparte was considered a supremely evil man, a lunatic, and a monster. Today, no serious historian, not even the ones critical of his life, would refer to him as any of that. As we get further away from WWII, Hitler will undoubtedly undergo a critical reassessment similar to countless leaders before him. That's pretty much what history is about: getting clearer picture of what happened, and why.
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