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Default Re: Producer liked my script, need advice.

Originally Posted by Ronaldinho View Post

That being said, because you've been in this position before, I've got to ask: why are you so unprepared? Why are you sending this out to producers without getting the requisite supporting material in order? Vow not to do this again.

Bibles are hard, but you describing it as "an insane amount of work" is sort of troubling and does come off as lazy. Not putting in a solid week's work to give your show the best chance of happening just seems, well, yeah, lazy.
I've been in talks with producers before, none of them have asked for a bible. Was under the assumption that part came later.

I've been working really hard to improve my craft, but online sources are the only form of information I have. Yes, I am on this forum and others almost every day, but you can only glean so much info from these posts.

Calling me lazy is kind of a dick move, as is your condescending language... "vow not to do this again"... Seriously?
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