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Default Re: Produced Pilot - need some suggestions on what to do

There's a lot of projection that goes into taking something from script to screen, so people actually prefer to see something tangible. I've heard a lot of people encourage young writers to go make a webseries for this reason, like the girls who made BROAD CITY. Having an already shot pilot should be an advantage for you at least starting conversations with people. Whether they like it or not is a different story and far from guaranteed.

You say that you're working on a new trailer, so you should probably wait until you have that ready, then try to get in touch with people by sending them a link to that trailer and explaining that you have the entire episode available if they want to see it.

Production companies aren't really the places to target, since you've already produced the thing. They don't exactly have discretionary funds to go buy the rights these days. What you really want is to get it to a network of some kind. Best way to do that is through an agent.

Perhaps you should also have someone proofread any query letters before you send them out. Based on this post, I can understand why you aren't getting very far with query letters. After seeing a single grammatical error in a query letter, people stop reading it.
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