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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Originally Posted by dimkanovikov View Post
Today we release KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 6!
You've been busy! I haven't really been writing much so haven't looked into Kit Scenarist lately (a "long lately"), but I'm happy to see you now support the Fountain format. I also see you've ended 32-bit binary package support (as of 0.7.1 r11) which I understand. I've got a laptop that has 64-bit Linux so I can try out the newest Kit Scenarist on that meanwhile quite a bit has changed since my 0.7.0 rxx 32-bit version (can't remember exactly what release). Mostly it's the Fountain import and export that makes me happy at this time. I think a lot of people will like the Celtx project import feature. I'm going to test the newest (and "newer") versions on my computers (maybe even try the Windows version). I've posted a short review in the Resources Section (with a link back here) and may write a more extensive review once I've use Kit Scenarist more. Thanks. Great work.
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