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Default Re: Giving up hope? No Unsolicted materials...

Originally Posted by NYNEX View Post

If you are a screenwriter who cannot get people to read your work, you need all the help you can get in improving your work. Therefore, you need to show your loglines and work to experienced people. And you need to admit that your work is probably so bad at this stage you couldn't pay someone to steal it. Paranoia only hurts the paranoid writer.

And why bother posting a fake logline? That doesn't do the original poster any good, as his "real" logline is not being critiqued.

I actually think that the logline that was critiqued may very well have been one of Goldstar's "real" loglines. It's quite possible he or she felt embarrassed by the reactions of others to it, but instead of taking their constructive criticism, he became all defensive.

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