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Default Re: Writing on Spec Question

FWIW, my partner and I did this and it did pan out, but it was almost 3 years, on-and-off, back and forth drafts of a pilot that ultimately got shelved though it served as a sample when the pitch sold. Honestly, I was so green, I didn't know any better and saw it as more of a learning experience than anything. When I did realize how exploitative it was, as fate would have it, that's when the producers got serious about shopping it around. We didn't have anything written and operated on oral agreement, but it ended up working to our favor in negotiations, we had a ringer for an entertainment attorney...

So definitely make sure it's time you'd be spending anyway, that at the end if nothing comes of it, you still have something to show, and definitely run all this by an attorney who knows what they're doing.
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