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Default Re: Amazon Studios 45 days - Still evaluating?

These guys do promise they'll get back to writers who submit stuff. They're not like, say, let's see, pick one... Boz Productions, who don't make that commitment and took something of mine on June 7, 2010 and have never responded. (That's 2,854 days, according to my database counter!)

Okay, how about this: AS has told you when you've enquired that they're still on it, right? Well, it couldn't get any worse, so I'd suggest you remove the project. But before you throw in the towel for good and move on to greener pastures, resubmit it!

I bet you've made a few tweaks to improve the thing anyway, in all those months, right? So send it back in with those tweaks. It's an open submission system, for a studio that does have the money to make films, and most of all it doesn't cost us anything. So it's nonsense to depend on it, but also nonsense not to use it.

After all, it doesn't appear you sit there all day and obsess about these specific submissions. With Amazon, it's just submit and forget, with you, right?

So try a re-submission and it'll be sure to get back into the queue. Because...

Originally Posted by spyder23 View Post
...At this point, I'm not even sure they're looking at anything anymore.
They absolutely are, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm in a big polishing mode, and I've resubmitted almost a dozen this year, and they continue to follow that old methodology: 1-3 downloads, 2-3 days through to Deciding, then out. Well, almost. I have two still in evaluating after almost 3 weeks, with 2 downloads and 3 downloads respectively.

I'm not going to feel guilty about this, but it does appear that these are in an active queue ahead of yours, eh?

Give it a try. As I say, it can't be worse.

PS. I sure hope you haven't held up these scripts from pitching elsewhere!
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