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Default Halloween entries - 2011 challenge

The 8 entries are:

Assisted Suicide
Lost and Found
Pandora's Box
Hard Cider
I, Zombie
The Black Ones

More titles may be added to the list as the day goes on!

Don't vote too quickly (e.g. today!) in case you miss late entries.

Please PM me your votes and comments, if any, by midnight next Sunday 6 Nov.

Ideally the vote format will be:

1st - title
2nd - title
3rd - title

Please don't post your votes or comments in forum in case this influences voting before the results are in and counted, thanks.

Edit note: you'll appreciate I had to extract plain text from the entries to post them here. If any formatting errors occur, assume they were mine and give the author the benefit of the doubt. Authors, if you see errors, PM me and I will edit/correct ASAP!

Edit2: results have been posted, see post #65 in the discussion thread, click here

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