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Default Re: Entries - Voluptuous Valentines contest

BAD ROMANCE Open bright, ethereal, dreamlike... The MUSIC of love... DARLA (18) in a dress, lit up, enraptured, slomo... INT. RESTAURANT - DAY Still dreamy, still slow, CRAIG (20s) steps in through the front door. They see each other, gazing into eyes. Closer together, in the empty restaurant (floating toward each other). Breeze in Darla's hair, they each look like fashion models on a collision course... Stopping, Darla faces Craig, his hand behind his back... She's curious, yet shy. He presents a gift, a BABY KITTEN, so cute... Darla's face, and she takes the kitten, up to her face, over to his eyes... BAM - REALITY Craig drops roughly down in a booth. Darla in waitress uniform, stalks closer to him. He's texting angrily, ignoring everyone. PHONE TEXT Bitch, I slept with stacy cause your fat ass waznt around bitch. So what? Darla stands there, flustered with her note pad. DARLA Hi! I'm Darla. I'll be your waitress today. CRAIG Ah, yeah, all right cool. He ogles her up and down. Craig licks his lips, looks up into Darla's eyes. CRAIG You're new here ain't ya? DARLA Ha ha, yeah, it's my first week. His PHONE calls out, but he silences it quickly. Darla's co-worker ZOE (20s) watches the exchange in the background as she works. CRAIG So like, what's your name again? DARLA I'm Darla. CRAIG You eighteen? DARLA Uh huh. CRAIG Huh. Virgin? DARLA Ver? Excuse me? CRAIG No, no, nuthin! So what's good here on the menu, Darla? DARLA Oh! Well I like the Cobb salad. CRAIG Oh screw that rabbit food. That's for chicks. Gimme a double-bacon cheeseburger, extra bacon, and more bacon on the side. DARLA Okay. CRAIG Well you're just a sweet little piece a ass ain't ya? DARLA Me? Uh? CRAIG Go on, get my food. I ain't got all day. He whips out his phone, returns to angry texting. DARLA Okay. She scurries off, but he takes a good look at the back side scurrying. CRAIG Mmmm. I am hungry. KITCHEN Darla places the order, and Zoe enters behind her. DARLA Oh my God, did you see that guy? ZOE Yeah. I saw him. DARLA Doesn't he look like (celeb)? ZOE Uhm. DARLA How do I look? Darla straightens her uniform, plays with hair. ZOE Dee? Serious? That guy? That guy's a royal scumbag. CRAIG'S TABLE Big sloppy double bacon chomp, chewing while talking... CRAIG Yo, you guys got beer? DARLA No. I'm sorry. CRAIG Hey, you know, you got a hot little body. DARLA Thank you. CRAIG I'm just buzzed looking at you. DARLA That's sweet. CRAIG You're sweet. DARLA Can, can I get you anything else? CRAIG Whole lotta things I could think of. His phone chirps out again. Grabs it. CRAIG Dammit! Slams his fist down LOUDLY, CRAIG God damned bitch. You know? DARLA I'll give you some privacy. Darla scoots away, almost running into Zoe. CRAIG (into phone) What? I'm trying to eat my lunch, huh? I told you go to hell. Yeah... Oh, you're sad. Like I give a rat's left testicle. You're feeling terrible. Boo hoo. What? You're gonna kill yourself? Ha ha. Yeah I'd love to see that! Do it! Do it! How you gonna do it? ...Skank! LADIES BATHROOM Zoe and Darla freshen up. ZOE Honey, what's it like your first day? DARLA Third. ZOE Haven't you had any boyfriends before? Darla's eyes drop. Fixes lip gloss. ZOE What do you live in a convent? DARLA I wasn't allowed to date. ZOE Ever? Oh, sweety, you could do so much better than that prick. Craig's his name. He's a nasty piece a work, and he treated his girlfriend like complete garbage. You don't want nothing to do with him. Trust me. DARLA He's been nice to me. ZOE Of course he's being nice. He wants your panties off. You really need to wise up in a hurry. All kinds of trash come in this place every day. Forget about em. You'll end up in a dumpster. Darla looks unconvinced. Zoe pokes her in the head with an index finger. ZOE Is this thing on? They exit the bathroom together, head down the hallway. Craig's table is empty. The bill sits there, but no money. Darla picks up the paper, reads it. ZOE No tip? Not one penny. DARLA Look, look. He left me his phone number. ZOE Oh suffering Christ. DARLA He says, I'll get my tip tonight. ZOE Oh my God. Throw it away. Throw it away. DARLA I? Wait? Zoe snatches it. Crumbles, takes it to the trash can and tosses it. Darla watches her, conflicted. BLACK. Inside the garbage can, lid flips open revealing Darla above. She reaches in. PAYPHONE Darla un-crumples, wipes off ketchup from the paper. Dials. CLICK. RETURN TO DREAM WORLD... Darla in bright dress, wind gusting. Kitten on top of the the payphone playing with her fingers. DARLA Hi Craig. I believe you owe me my tip... FADE OUT.
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